Welcome to the Kindergarten page!  Below you will find all sorts of information on our Mukilteo Kindergarten program.

Classroom Curriculum
We have adopted the Open Court Kindergarten reading curriculum. This task is completed through teacher directed activities and through small group settings using parent volunteers. Along with Open Court, We strive to implement lots of experiences with reading, writing, comprehension skills and language art activities. We complete class books that are based upon literature we have read and discussed within the classroom. Implementing the proper formation of letters and numbers is also taught using Zaner-Bloser handwriting. Theme based books are completed throughout the year on subjects such as the solar system, dental hygiene, the 5 senses and the first Thanksgiving. Fun reading adventures that the children become involved in consist of our March-Read-A-Thon, Author of the Month and May Read-A-Loud months.

The math curriculum we use is Math Expressions. Along with this program, we also provide experiences with more in-depth focus on subtracting, graphing, tallying, adding, time and money. Through hands-on enriching activities children learn an array of important academic skills.

Exciting Things That Happen in Kindergarten
Kindergarteners have the opportunity to be the star for an entire week. This involves children embellishing a poster all about themselves and builds children’s awareness of their peers along with allowing for their own self esteem to blossom. We celebrate children’s birthdays throughout the year. They provide treats of their choice and we in return complete a class book full of wishes for them. During the school year we partake in several field trips such as going to the pumpkin farm, Mukilteo Library and Everett PUD theatre. Class parties consist of our Halloween, Holiday, Valentines and 100th day of school celebration. Parent volunteers help during all of these activities and the children come away from these events holding lifelong memories.

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I like the teachers at Mukilteo Academy. They are very nice and smile all the time. I like center time too.


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I am happy about the teachers because they are good and I like to give them hugs.


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I like all the good things we learn about, like planets.


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I like the teachers I have been with so far, they are nice. I always learn at circle time from my teacher. I like recess, but morning work is my favorite part of the day.


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What do I like about Mukilteo Academy? Well, I like gymnastics, free play, music, doing art and of course, my teacher!


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I like everything we get to learn at Mukilteo Academy.


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I like my teacher because she is nice. I like school because I have friends. I like to learn about space, that is what we are learning about right now. I have learned about the sun and how hot it is.


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I always want to got to school at Mukilteo Academy. On a scale of 1-10, Mukilteo Academy is a “11”. I would go to school here forever!


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I learned all sorts of new stuff and made a lot of new friends at Mukilteo Academy. My favorite part of Kindergarten was learning about space and planets.


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