Academy Parents are a great asset to our school. We encourage parent participation in various activities, such as homework assignments, classroom functions, school activities and field trips. We make it a point to communicate regularly with our parents to ensure each child has a successful learning experience.


Parent Testimonials:

We consider ourselves so lucky to have been a part of the Mukilteo Academy community. Our son started at MA two years ago a shy boy full of anxiety about attending school. Now he is leaving Kindergarten having proudly read a book aloud to the entire school during May Read Aloud. This transformation wouldn’t have happened without the love and support of the Mukilteo Academy teachers. The caring and nurturing staff start with students where they are and help them grow into their potential. With Mukilteo Academy curriculum, we are confident our son is ahead of where he needs to be in order to be ready for first grade next year. At the same time, we also appreciate the fact that Mukilteo Academy has given him opportunities to socialize, explore, find his voice and learn to love learning. Now he loves school so much that he cries on days he can’t go, like during Spring Break. We will miss the developmentally-appropriate ways they made learning fun and exciting. Whether it was the letter of the week, gymnastics, music with Ms. Sue, multiple field trips, Kid’s Night Out or dress up like your favorite book character (Albert Einstein!), our son was so excited to be a part of it all.

We are proud to be the parents of a Mukilteo Academy alum.
Trevor and Maggie Lewis  Maggie and Trevor L. (Both Mukilteo SD teachers) – parents of Jack age 6


Our son has enjoyed 3 wonderful years at Mukilteo Academy form preschool to kindergarten. He has loved his teachers, his classmates and friends and has thrived in Mukilteo Academy’s supportive and fun environment. All teachers bring great experience , warmth, fun and passion to their work. Mukilteo Academy is well organized and parent-teacher communications, drop offs and pick-ups are easy and low stress. We appreciated the added support of the before and after care program when we needed it. We are proud to say Mukilteo Academy has been our little guy’s second home for 3 years and we feel he is on such sure footing for elementary school.

Dubs and Rebecca S. – parents of Campbell age 6


Our grandson has attended Mukilteo Academy the last two years and we are so pleased with his progress and experience at this school.  Academics do not come easily for him but because of the enthusiasm, understanding and devotion of this staff, he can’t wait to go to school every day and his progress is remarkable.  The entire staff is aware of and addresses each child’s individual needs.  The academics and arts are very strong, but there is also an important emphasis on social development and relationships.  We could not have found a better setting for his important formative school years.
John and Ann – family of Christian age 6


We are starting our third year at Mukilteo Academy this fall and we love this environment for our kids. We decided to keep our oldest son at MA for kindergarten after attending Pre-K here so he would have the full-day K experience in a smaller school atmosphere. We are sad he’ll be leaving to go to first grade, but feel he is extremely well prepared, having so much exposure to the reading, math, and other curriculum he’s going to experience next year. We appreciate the gymnastics, art and music as well. What is even more important is that he has learned confidence, how to treat others and be a good friend. He has made friends he will go on to school with next year. He has grown so much in his two years at MA and we are extremely grateful for the teachers and staff that have helped him so patiently. Our younger son had his first year of preschool and loves it! I love that the preschool has such a nice balance of learning and fun, while allowing the kids to just be kids! I also appreciate that our kids see the same staff every day and that everyone who works here seems to really love their job and treat their coworkers like family. It makes such a difference to have people who are so dedicated, and I trust that they are giving my kids the best possible start to their school years. Thank you Mukilteo Academy!
Jessica and Scott – parents of Matthew age 6 and Owen age 4


Our daughter started at Mukilteo Academy in Pre-K and is now getting ready to graduate from their Kindergarten program. After our daycare unexpectedly closed in the summertime, we were on a scramble to find a Pre-K program for our daughter that would offer a moderate curriculum. Ms. Victoria returned our call within the hour and offered a tour of the school later that afternoon; even though the school was closed for the summer. When we walked into Mukilteo Academy, we instantly knew it was the best choice for our daughter, just by the way we felt when we were there. The growth our daughter has made while attending Mukilteo Academy, from learning how to effectively communicate with her peers to counting by 5s and 10s to 100+, reading and math, is absolutely astonishing. We consistently find ourselves shocked at how much she’s learned! The teachers and assistants are always so pleasant and genuinely love what they do. We’ve loved all our daughters’ teachers and assistants and feel so blessed that she’s been taught and cared for by some of the most wonderful individuals! The school is always clean, safe, organized and decorated with new art projects. I wish they had an elementary program, we would never leave!
Elissa and Harold – parents of Zayla age 5


After many years of welcoming Mukilteo Academy students into my first grade classroom, I was thrilled for our son Benjamin to start attending school there. I had always noticed that Mukilteo Academy students always came to school prepared academically, but what stood out most to me was how kind, helpful, and well-behaved their students were. After spending the past two years at Mukilteo Academy, we have seen Ben not only blossom as a learner, but also as a nice friend and a good citizen. More importantly, we have noticed that he ALWAYS wants to go to school. He loves to be there and even seems disappointed when it’s not a school day. In addition to building Ben a strong foundation for literacy and math, Mukilteo Academy has also fostered in him an appreciation for art, music, and physical fitness through their gymnastics program. We couldn’t be more grateful for the loving care and fabulous teaching our son has received. It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of the phenomenal school community at Mukilteo Academy.
Steve and Carrie Mitchell – parents of Ben age 5


Mukilteo Academy is much more than a school, it’s a family. Our daughter has attended Mukilteo Academy the last two years. We are so pleased with her growth as a student and a person. They do a wonderful job pushing her academically, while giving her opportunities to grow socially and behaviorally. Every teacher and staff member works hard to make each child and family’s experience top notch. My husband and I highly recommend Mukilteo Academy to anyone.
Shane N. and Krista M. – parents of Ally age 4


When we were preparing to put our child in Pre-K, I thoroughly examined all the options available to us in our area. The reviews and data pointed to MA+ as our best choice, and after I went on a tour and met the staff, I felt as though we found the perfect fit for our child at MA+. The staff is nurturing, kind, positive, and extremely competent. The environment is warm, structured, and well-rounded. Our daughter is enthusiastic about going to school every day and looks forward to learning. She talks about all her teachers with great affection, and because of those relationships, she is excited about exploring new things. I’m very happy with the growth I have seen in her as both an active learner and a person looking to interact with the world. As a parent, I feel like a partner in the learning process, and have a great sense of satisfaction that my child is safe, cared for, and developing a sound foundation for the future.
Kirk Kriskovich – dad of Chloe age 5


We were new to the area and I was looking for an all-day Pre-K class for my daughter as she had just completed an all-day Preschool class at a private school and I desperately wanted a school with teachers that had the similar values and dedication. Mukilteo Academy came highly recommend by a teacher in the Mukilteo school district. From the moment we toured the school I knew we had found a gem. I was beyond excited but my daughter was hesitant about going in, when we got in the car after the tour she wanted to know how long she had to wait till the 1st day of school. First day of Pre-K with Ms. Kristi my daughter came home repeatedly saying “I love my new school”. Our daughter is very strong willed and a natural born leader and I’m so grateful for the way Ms. Kristi has worked with her to help mold and encourage her leadership skills in a healthy & positive way. Due to the small school size the students are able to interact with each other as well as the other teachers which builds a real feeling of family. The teachers have a true dedication to encouraging positive social skills (communicating, problem solving, and team work) along with outstanding academics. I’m very impressed with my daughter’s growth in one year at MA and I’m excited to have her continue on at MA+ for Kindergarten.
Allison James – mom of Madison age 5


We began Mukilteo Academy with our son in 2014. Within a short time, we knew we had found a truly exceptional place for him! His first teacher, Ms. Kristi, was phenomenal in working with him in all day Pre-K—she really created a great bond with our son, and he grew so much in such a short time under her tutelage. Moving on through MA, to his Kindergarten year, our son developed into an inquisitive, kind-hearted, friendly, and playful learner. In both classes, MA faculty anticipated our child’s individual needs to facilitate learning both scholastically and growth in his character. He was also excited to go to school nearly every day, and he made a great group of friends from his time there. So much so, that it was an easy decision to have our daughter enroll at MA in 2016, where she attends Miss Sue’s pre-school class. Our daughter runs into the building every day excited to play and learn with her friends. We consider Sue to be a huge asset to our daughter’s life and she is continually telling us what Miss Sue teaches and shows her! One of my favorite things is to hear her start a statement with “Miss Sue said . . .” It’s a joy to see how much each and every one of these educators so obviously enjoys and cares about their students! If we have ever had a question or concern, Miss Heather, MA’s book keeper and Office Administrator, has never disappointed in the slightest. She is always knowledgeable, available and understanding to any need that we have ever encountered! At all levels, it’s been a relief to see that they offer a well-rounded curriculum, where kids learn about the arts and participate, weekly, in gymnastics. The communication between the staff, teachers, and our family has also always been well above and beyond the norm. In addition to having open doors, and formal parent/teacher conferences, every day at pickup teachers take the opportunity to touch base with you, share what our kids did that day, remind of us upcoming school functions, or to simply chat for a moment. The before and after care program at Mukilteo Academy is also exceptional, practically priced, and professionally staffed. With a newly constructed building that creates an exceptionally safe environment, every instructor being a certified teacher, this is a great place to give kids nurturing environment in which to grow and blossom.
Melissa and Miles L. – parents of Violet age 4, Jackson age 7


I am going to miss you in Conor’s life more than you know. I will miss our little chats during progress report day. I always need to hold back the tears; mostly because of his progress and how proud of him I am. But also because I just know we are lucky to have such a passionate school and teaching staff around him. We have recommended this school to everyone we know, and feel lucky to have been part of the community and culture you created. We will be hard pressed to find an equivalent to your school anywhere. Sincere wishes for continued greatness for the school, and the biggest thank you for building such a solid foundation for Conor’s future. I only hope Ky can receive the same care, love and education from his first school. Thank You!!
Matt Bourassa – parent since 2010


As Kai’s parents, we can’t say enough about Mukilteo Academy! He is in kindergarten this year and has attended Mukilteo Academy already for two years. We particularly like the fact that they assess and address Kai’s individual needs.We are amazed at the progress of Kai’s work from the beginning of the school year to the end. The teachers are caring, energetic and enthusiastic about teaching our children and they consistently keep the pace each day instilling a sense of self confidence along with academics.Best of all, he loves Mukilteo Academy and can’t wait to go to school every day. We know the importance of this as it sets the tone for many school years to come—-a parent’s dream!
Shelley and Curt – parents since 2008


I am a “research gal”. I began looking into preschools for our daughter shortly after she was born…I believe in thorough investigation and preparation. Mukilteo Academy was an easy choice for us – the most difficult part was waiting for Madelynne to be old enough to start!Maddie began Mukilteo Academy in preschool with Ms. Sue. She was a clingy mama’s girl, and we were worried she wouldn’t like being away from mommy all day – or at all! She immediately LOVED school and thoroughly blossomed from a child who wouldn’t leave mommy’s side to attend dance class, to a child who practically jumped out of the van to get into the school building. She enjoyed her teacher, her friends, her class, and had lots of fun learning her colors and how to write her name.In Pre-K with Ms. Vic, she expanded her knowledge and her ability to navigate her way through the typical childhood disagreements in a positive way. She began to learn to read and she also learned how to spell and write her last name. She again loved going to school and would always ask before bed: “is there school tomorrow?”…being totally disappointed if the answer was “no”.She is continuing her Mukilteo Academy journey this year in Mrs. D’s Kindergarten class. Despite the fact that she no longer has time for a nap, she is thoroughly enjoying school! She has already learned to spell/sign (as in sign language) some colors – and I am told that by the end of the year, she will have at least a basic grasp on math and reading! Our biggest concern at this point is that she will be too well prepared for 1st grade (wherever that may be!) and will be bored next year at her new school.The teachers and staff do a wonderful job of preparing the children for future life and learning experiences by not only educating, but providing important skills like communication, cooperation and organization. We have no doubt that they have instilled a life-long love of learning and have given Madelynne the tools she needs to cooperate and negotiate through any future classroom difficulties! There is absolutely no doubt that her younger brother will be attending Mukilteo Academy when the time comes for him to start preschool.
Steve and Christi – parents since 2008


We can’t say enough about the teachers and staff at Mukilteo Academy. Not only did they create a great environment where our children could learn and thrive but they also kept it fun and exciting. We are confident that our children now have a solid foundation for their future. We’ve had an amazing three years and we can only hope that our children will have such professional, engaged, wonderful and loving teachers and role models as they did at Mukilteo Academy. We miss them all dearly.
Bob and Dorene – parents since 2007


Safe, nurturing, loving, communicative, great start to school, confidence. Mukilteo Academy has given our boys so much! First and foremost, they LOVE school-our ultimate goal for their preschool experience. MA’s nurturing teachers and staff create a safe and positive learning environment where our children feel valued and confident. We truly appreciate the parent/teacher partnership MA establishes with frequent communication and feedback on our children’s social and academic growth. Mukilteo Academy’s strong emphasis on art and music allow our children to be creative and imaginative while building a strong academic foundation. We know we have made the right decision for our children every morning when we hear our preschooler ask, “Can I go to school today?”
Heather and Colin – parents since 2007


We are so very pleased with our decision to send our daughter to Mukilteo Academy for preschool and now Pre-Kindergarten. Because it is such a small school, this gives the students the opportunity to interact with not only their classmates, but with the children and teachers from the other classes as well. The quality of the teachers is top-notch. They teach, they nurture, they inspire imagination and creativity. We have been so blessed to have Miss Sue and now Ms. Kristi serve as role models for our daughter. Even though we live in Everett and it’s a long commute to MA, I tell anyone who will listen what a wonderful school this is and how our daughter is just thriving in this environment. It is my wish that she always loves school as much as she loves it here at MA.
Julie Huang – parent since 2008