Therapy Dog

Meet Bruno

Bruno is our Bernese Mountain Dog who thinks of Mukilteo Academy as his second home. Born in Valley, WA we adopted our favorite furry friend from Sweetwater Farms on July 3rd, 2015.

As a purebred Berner with a calm temperament, Bruno was the perfect candidate to start his training to become a Therapy dog as a young puppy.

He is currently working on his Therapy dog certification and being a Reading With Rover dog. Both certifications will allow the students to read to him to enhance their reading abilities. For a child to read with confidence to a loving dog with no expectations or judgement is amazing! Please visit the following link to learn more about the Reading With Rover program.

We are excited for the completion of his training program so he will be able to spread the love he gives to his family at home with people all over the Seattle area who will benefit from his big hugs and playful energy.

Please be sure to stop in to meet and say “woof” to him when you are at Mukilteo Academy.